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February 6, 2006

02/05/06 Articles

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Posts that are titled in this format: DATE Articles will contain the articles I found from around that date written by Hall of Fame voters discussing either Grimm or Monk’s candidacy for the Hall of Fame.

Here are a few articles from after the vote:
Sports Illustrated
February 4, 2006
Hall of Fame Q&A
Paul Zimmerman Any other comments on the guys who didn’t get in?

Dr. Z: Russ Grimm and Bob Kuechenberg may have canceled each other out. And Gary Zimmerman may have been knocked out by Wright getting in. They aren’t going to put in two offensive tackles. What about Art Monk?

Dr. Z: The negative is that when you played the Redskins, you didn’t say, “How can I stop Art Monk?” He wasn’t a focal figure. The positive about Monk: All he did was help the team win. He was a good, sturdy team guy. But that wasn’t enough.
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
February 5, 2006
Choices challenging for Hall of Fame
Furman Bisher

Strange that a receiver with Art Monk’s numbers can’t crash this hard-line body. He caught more passes than any player before him in the history of the league, nearly four times more than Lynn Swann, who got in with 336, but there just didn’t seem to be room for him. Search me.
Dallas Morning News
February 5, 2006
Hall of Fame selection committee proves heart is in right place
Rich Gosselin

You could have selected any six of the 15 and produced a strong class. Art Monk didn’t even make the cut to 10. Thurman Thomas was eliminated in the cut to six. If there was an anti-Cowboys bias on this committee, there were plenty of other worthy alternatives.


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