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February 6, 2006

Day After the Super Bowl

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So here’s how this site is going to work.  Every few days, I’m going to try to compile articles written about Art Monk and Russ Grimm’s bids for the Hall of Fame. 

To keep this site running, I’m going to need some readers to help me out by sending me links to articles that you find.  So please leave a comment if you find an article that I missed.

I will focus particularly on the Hall of Fame voters, and hopefully in a few months we will get a pretty good idea of where everyone stands.  From time to time, I will also try to look into the past of particular voters to see what they thought of Art Monk during his career.

There’s a good amount of post-Super Bowl chatter, so I’ll post a few of them here:
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Monday, February 06, 2006
Line of Scrimmage: Cowher Comes Through
By Tony Moss, NFL Editor

The decisions may have suggested to some that the voters are softening, but the fact that the likes of Art Monk and Michael Irvin were again passed over seems to fly in the face of that logic. From this man’s perspective, Monk and Irvin definitely deserve to be enshrined sooner rather than later. Monk was the NFL’s all-time receptions leader when he retired in 1995, and also won three Super Bowl rings with the Redskins. Irvin won three rings as well and posted seven 1,000-yard seasons despite playing on a balanced team that featured Emmitt Smith as its offensive focal point. Am I missing something here?,0,5882329.column?coll=orl-sports-headlines 
Orlando Sentinel
Sunday, February 5, 2006
Manning under the microscope
Chris Harry
Meanwhile, the Washington Redskins of that same era have just one player in the Hall — running back John Riggins — after Art Monk, the No. 5 all-time receiver in history and first player ever to catch 100 passes in a season, was shut out for a sixth consecutive year. Monk played for three Redskins world championship teams and retired as the No. 1 receiver in league history and with the record for consecutive games with at least one catch.

At least Michael Irvin didn’t get in.
St.Paul Pioneer Press
February 6, 2006
Pioneer Press

It’s too bad for…

) Michael Irvin that he was not voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame with former teammate Troy Aikman. Irvin would not have gotten my vote, either. And it has nothing to do with his off-field behavior. Six were elected Saturday to the Hall of Fame, and that is the maximum allowed a year. Irvin did not belong ahead of anyone chosen. And among wide receivers, I would put Art Monk into the Hall of Fame before Irvin.
Sports Illustrated
February 5, 2006
Snap Judgments
Don Banks

Does Redskins owner Daniel Snyder really think he helped Art Monk’s Hall of Fame chances with his two-sentence fit of pique on Saturday, after the longtime Washington receiver again failed to garner the necessary votes for election to Canton?

Snyder issued a statement saying: “Art Monk has earned a place in the Hall of Fame. Redskins fans know it, NFL fans know it, and it is long overdue for the Hall of Fame electors to confirm it.”

Not a smart move. That won’t win Monk any votes, but it might lose him a few.
Beaver County Times
A Grimm reality: No Hall for Russ
Chris Harlan, Times Sports Staff

Grimm’s former teammate, quarterback Doug Williams, said Friday that Grimm should be enshrined in Canton, Ohio, for his play with the Redskins’ Super Bowl-winning teams of the 1980s.

“If you’re voting on offensive line, which is probably a lot tougher than (voting for) a receiver and a quarterback and a running back because there are no numbers,” Williams said, “you’ve got to vote on what he meant to that team.”

Grimm, part of the offensive line known as “The Hogs,” played with Washington from 1981-1991. During that decade, the Redskins reached four Super Bowls and won three.

“I think if you look around the league at the linemen that are in the Hall of Fame, they are there because the teams they played on were very successful,” Williams said. “And if you look at Russ Grimm, he’s been to four Super Bowls. There’s a reason why you get to four Super Bowls.”


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