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February 7, 2006

Kent Somers

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Okay, this is how the foundation of this site is going to work.  I’m going to go through the Hall of Fame voters one by one and see if they have ever written anything about Art Monk or Russ Grimm.  I’m going alphabetical order by city, so the first one will be the voter from the Arizona Cardinals, Kent Somers:

Kent Somers has covered the Cardinals for the Arizona Republic since 1998, and prior to that he covered the Cardinals for the Sporting News.

Most of what he’s written regarding the Hall of Fame has been regarding Aeneas Williams, who won’t be eligible until 2009.

He has never written the words “Russ Grimm” in the Arizona Republic, and he has only mentioned Art Monk in passing twice:

The Sporting News
December 16, 1996
Week 16 matchup: Rob Moore vs. Darrell Green
Kent Somers

Cardinals receiver Rob Moore is 7 inches taller and 21 pounds heavier than Redskins cornerback Darrell Green, so Moore knows what conventional wisdom indicates he should do against Green in their matchup. Be physical with him, and use superior size to take advantage of Green’s lack of it.

But Moore has played against Green often enough to develop a healthy respect for him. And Moore is a friend of former NFL receiver Art Monk, a former teammate of Green with the Redskins. Monk told Moore about Green’s rigorous offseason workout program.

The Arizona Republic
June 5, 2003
Training Camp Isn’t Just a Physical Test for Cards Rookies
Kent Somers

A large auditorium separates two sets of classrooms. On one side, defensive coordinator Larry Marmie is conducting a meeting. On the other, offensive coordinator Jerry Sullivan is holding a similar class.

The Cardinals are young at receiver, so there will be considerable pressure on Boldin and Bryant Johnson, the first-round pick from Penn State, to contribute immediately.

During the receivers meetings, many of Sullivan’s points are directed at those two. Sullivan introduces option routes and goes into his personal library for what Boldin calls “visuals.”

There was a tape of former San Diego Chargers player Tony Martin running a deep “8” route, and one of former Washington Redskins receiver Art Monk running a shallow crossing pattern.

Depending on coverage, Boldin has the option to run across the field or to break off the route.

“I don’t want you to look back until you’re past the center,” Sullivan says to Boldin. “You know why? Because you can’t see the highway. It’s like driving through a tunnel with your lights off and just hoping you don’t run in to someone.”


Unfortunately, none of that tells us much about how Mr. Somers may vote.  It may bode well for Darrell Green in two years, but that’s for another site to worry about.

I also don’t have any information on how Mr. Somers voted this year, because he did not make the trip to the Super Bowl and did not attend the HOF voting.  Unfortunately, he remains a total mystery … an inauspicious sign for the first voter profile on this site, but I promise the next one will be more informative.


Monk: Unknown
Grimm: Unknown


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