The Art Monk Hall of Fame Campaign

February 13, 2006

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News about the HOF vote is tapering off, but I found a few more bloggers with something to say:
Touching All the Bases
February 5, 2006
Select Few
Chad Finn

I believe Art Monk, the magnet-mitted Redskin, should have taken his rightful place in Canton many Sundays ago.

Ray Guy, the Raiders’ graceful punter? Drew Pearson, the Cowboys’ graceful receiver? They’re long overdue, too.
The Hater Nation
February 9, 2006
harry f’ing carson?
Lil’ Hater

Funny that Carson gets a free pass to the HOF for riding LT’s coke-fueled coattails to the HOF, while the classy Art Monk gets passed over again because voters contend he benefited from playing alongside Gary Clark during the Redskin’s heyday.
Brainster’s Blog
Friday, February 10, 2006
The Structural Problem With the NFL Hall of Fame

When you consider that the Hall of Fame’s procedures ensure that no more than six will be inducted in any given year, and maybe as few as three, there are definitely factions that form around players. Consider that the 15 finalists from 1985 appeared a total of 85 times on the ballot; that’s almost six times apiece.

That’s why players like Art Monk, who is ridiculously overqualified and will certainly eventually be honored, are still waiting. This was Monk’s sixth straight year on the ballot.


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