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February 19, 2006

Charles Chandler

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Charles Chandler is a writer for the Charlotte Observer.  He has been on the Hall of Fame Voting committee since 1999.  He actually missed the vote this year because he was out of the country, but he tells me that he is a supporter of Art Monk:

I was out of the country and didn’t vote this year. I’m not sure how my substitute voted regarding Art. … In past years, I have voted for him and certainly have no problem supporting him in the future.

He has written almost nothing regarding Art Monk, but he did interview Joe Gibbs in 1995:

The Houston Chronicle
December 24, 1995
Joe Gibbs recalls his triumps as coach of the Redskins
Charles Chandler

Joe Gibbs adopted the Washington Redskins when he was 6

He lived in the North Carolina mountains and his Uncle Walter was the first person in Enka to own a television set.
“”He had a 125-foot antenna,” Gibbs said. 

“”He used to put the TV in the window and everybody from the community would crowd
around and watch sporting events.

“”I really liked watching the Redskins.  If you grew up in North Carolina, that’s who you watched. ”

In 1981, at age 40, Gibbs became the Redskins’ coach.

He led Washington to three Super Bowl championships before retiring after the 1992 season.

Then he moved to Charlotte and nearly became the Carolina Panthers’ first head coach.  He was offered the job, but turned it down to keep working with his NASCAR racing team.


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