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March 1, 2006

Sam Kouvaris

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Sam Kouvaris grew up in Baltimore and graduated from the University of Maryland.  He is the Sports Director/Managing Editor of WJXT, the CBS station in Jacksonville.  He is a strong supporter of Art Monk and blogged about his disappointment when Monk was not elected:

Sam Slams
Monday February 06, 2006
Sam Kouvaris

The annual Hall of Fame selection meeting was the most interesting of the 11 years I’ve served on the committee. Spirited, serious discussion about the 15 candidates who had made it through thte selection process to be brought up indivisdually for consideration. I was glad to hear that some of the real veterans on the committee agreed with my private assessment that this was the most difficult year ever to choose one candidate over another. I seriously believed that all fifteen deserve selection to the Hall, but the rules say we can only elect six per year, so somebody would have to wait.

I was disappointed (again) about Art Monk’s lack of support throughout the committee. I think it’s hard to justify keeping him out. Michael Irvin’s elimination has nothing to do with his off-field issues and everything to do with an overall perception on the committee that he was one of many “very good” receivers in that era. I also think Bob Kuchenberg deserves selection into the Hall, but there musts be somebody on the committee who thinks there are enough players from the ’72 Dolphins already in the Hall.


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