The Art Monk Hall of Fame Campaign

March 7, 2006

Tony Grossi Responds to my e-mail

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I think this upgrades his vote from “Probably No” to “Maybe No”

Hey, Tony!
March 05, 2006
Tony GrossiĀ 

Q: Hey, Tony: A few weeks ago you mentioned that you were keeping an open mind regarding former Washington Redskins receiver Art Monk and the other Hall of Fame candidates. How did you end up voting on Monk? – Ted Jou, Charlottesville, Va.

A: Hey, Ted: I listened in tently and simply could not put Monk into the final six of an extremely strong class. Having participated in the debate on Monk for years, I feel he is destined to make it – possibly next year. I actually think Russ Grimm may be the better candidate from those great Redskins teams.

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