The Art Monk Hall of Fame Campaign

March 29, 2006

03-29-06 News

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Another blogger wrote about Art Monk and the Hall of Fame here:
Art Monk, Bert Blyleven Overlooked as Hall of Fame Candidates
March 29, 2006
Tom Donelson

Sometimes in sports, numbers do not tell the whole story. Sometimes in sports, they do.

For the past several years, Art Monk has been denied entrance in the National Football League Hall of Fame. In the case of Mr. Monk, numbers tell a compelling story.

When Art Monk retired, he caught more passes than any other receiver in NFL history. His record has since been eclipsed but how does a man who's grabbed 940 catches for nearly 13,000 yards and still be slighted for football highest honor? Football writers have yet to find a place in Canton hallow grounds for Art Monk. Say whatever you want, there is no logic or excuses for such an oversight.

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