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April 28, 2006

04-28-06 News

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There has been some chatter about Art Monk leading up to the draft and because he's a member of one of the groups bidding for the Nats, but here's two articles I found relating to Art Monk and the Hall of Fame:

The Columbus Dispatch
Friday, April 28, 2006
Few from draft day will become legends
Todd Jones

There have been 70 drafts since the inaugural one in 1936, and only 205 players are in the Hall of Fame.

Twelve Hall of Famers entered the NFL as free agents, including quarterback Warren Moon, headed to Canton in the 2006 class of enshrinees.

So do the math: Each draft has produced an average of fewer than three players who eventually played their way into the Hall of Fame.

Of course, this might reflect as much on the Hall of Fame’s nebulous criteria as on the players themselves.

How else to explain that Lynn Swann (336 receptions for 5,462 yards and 51 touchdowns in nine seasons) is a member of the Hall of Fame but Art Monk (940 receptions for 12,721 yards and 68 touchdowns in 16 seasons) is not?

But we digress, at the risk of upsetting Swann fans in the Pennsylvania governor’s race.

Chris's Sports Blog
February 2, 2006
An Unappreciated Work of Art
Chris Chase

Art Monk's name won't be among those announced Saturday when the NFL unveils its Hall of Fame class of 2006. Nor will he be enshrined next year or the year after that. Art Monk is never going to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And this is a travesty.
As more and more receivers with numbers similar to Monk become eligible for the Hall, the window of possiblity for the Washington Redskins' all-time leading receiver seems to have closed shut. After making the final-round of voting in each of his first three years of eligibility, Monk has failed to make it past the semi-finals in the past three.

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