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May 1, 2006

Jerry Magee

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Jerry Magee has been a sportswriter for the San Diego Union-Tribune since 1956, and he has covered the Chargers since the beginning of the franchise.  He has been honored by the Pro Football Hall of Fame and is certainly one of the veterans of the voting committee.

Despite this long history, he isn't one to talk definitively about his voting preferences.  He's probably somewhere in the middle of the road about Art.

The Washington Post
January 7, 1981
Charger Assistant The Right Man; The Right Man for the Redskins: Gibbs, Creator of Charger Attack
Dave Kindred

If you stand next to Joe Gibbs for one minute as he diagrams a big pass play in a moment of joy, you will know this: "The guy is lousy with class," said Jerry Magee, the veteran sportswriter of the San Diego Union. "It's unbelievable for anybody to be that good-looking, that bright, that moral and that good a football coach."

Everything Dan Fouts sees Magee talking to Gibbs, the record-setting quarterback shoos the writer away. "I want to keep Joe a secret," Fouts said, "or some team will hire him away." Magee: "Dan's kidding on the square there."

You get the idea. Joe Gibbs is a good guy. He is a born-again Christian. A model of decorum. A sweetheart with the press. A demanding coach who knows how to smile at the right times.

Chicago Tribune
November 10, 1991
Stats would put Lofton in 'Hall'
Associated Press

But Jerry Magee, pro football writer for the San Diego Union, wouldn't speculate on Lofton's chances.

"He had a period where he wasn't very productive," he said. "I think guys in the Hall of Fame should play well all the time. I remember him dropping balls all over the place. And I can't say his personal life has been exemplary. Some guys pay attention to that."

The Dallas Morning News
December 12, 1999
Irvin on right track for Hall of Fame
Jean-Jacques Taylor

Then come players such as Sterling Sharpe, Cris Carter, Andre Reed and Irvin.

"He wouldn't be a slam dunk," said Jerry Magee of the San Diego Union Tribune. "I know he had a distinguished career, but so have a lot of other receivers.

"I'm an old-timer and I've covered some of the great receivers in the game. He doesn't rank with Alworth or Rice. He's borderline.

"Alworth was a superb receiver and a dynamic athlete. He could outrun and outjump Irvin. He could do anything athletically."

The San Diego Union-Tribune
February 4, 2006
Hall of Fame Candidates
Jerry Magee

Russ Grimm, G, Washington Redskins One of "the Hogs." A meritorious candidate, but this list of finalists is a stellar one. Only six can be enshrined.

Claude Humphrey, DE, Atlanta Falcons See Grimm, above.

Michael Irvin, WR, Dallas Cowboys When push came to shove, Irvin too often was doing the shoving. Pushing off is supposed to be a no-no.

Bob Kuechenberg, G, Miami Dolphins There are Dolphins in the hall that were not his equal.

John Madden, coach, Oakland Raiders Not many men have done more to popularize the game of our times than Madden, and he could coach. In another era other than the one in which he operated, his teams arguably would have created a dynasty.

Art Monk, WR, Washington Redskins The consummate possession receiver, but one has to question if that alone qualifies one to have his bust cast in bronze.

Warren Moon, QB, many teams in two leagues, CFL and NFL Exemplary credentials, talent, class and longevity. He has to be in the hall.

Derrick Thomas, LB, Kansas City When he was in the mood, he excelled, but too often he seemed to disappear.

Thurman Thomas, RB, Buffalo Bills Anybody who broke a Jim Brown record by leading the league in rushing four consecutive years has to be respected. The man had thrust.


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