The Art Monk Hall of Fame Campaign

May 3, 2006

John Clayton

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John Clayton has been an NFL analyst for ESPN since 1995.  He covered the Seattle Seahawks for the Tacoma News Tribune from 1986 to 1998.  Prior to that, he covered the Steelers for the Pittsburgh Press.

In a 2004 interview, he expressed his support for Art Monk:

The Colorado Springs Gazette
February 1, 2004
Bob Brown finally a Hall of Famer
Milo F. Bryant

The former Washington Redskins wide receiver has been eligible for the Hall for four years. This year marked Monk's fourth year as a finalist, too. But this year, Monk failed to even make the voters' final cut.

The Hall's Board of Selectors cuts the 15 finalists down to 10 and the 10 down to six. Monk's name was left off the list of 10.

"I'm surprised he didn't make it," writer John Clayton said. Clayton is the board's Seattle representative. "I'm surprised he didn't make it to the top 10 – I mean 941 catches?

"Just because (the Redskins) didn't throw to him in the red zone, he still got them to the 10, to the 20. I thought he should have made it, at least more than Bob Hayes. That's one that kind of puzzled me."

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