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July 6, 2006

07-06-06 News: Dr. Z’s hate mail and some love from Nebraska

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Sports Illustrated
July 6, 2006
Showing up is half the battle
Paul Zimmerman

Now we come to a point that I’ve answered, oh, maybe, 5,000 times, but for the sake of poetic integrity, let me repeat the e-mail that Jimmy, who learned his trade from the Marquis de Sade, saw fit to torment me with … make that with which to torment me: “I hate you with a passion so deep, and I will continue to do so until you come to your senile senses, quit writing about wine in a sports magazine and put Art Monk in the hall.” Dear Dan of Silver Spring, Md.: Catching 800 eight-yard hooks does not make a Hall of Famer, which is the same reply I’ve given your two or three other correspondences … you remember, the ones you wrote on toilet paper in crayon.

Big Red Network
July 3, 2006
Former Husker Worthy of Recognition
Steve Hanway

In perhaps the closest thing the NFL has to a “Pete Rose” controversy, former Washington Redskin receiver Art Monk has been shut out of the Hall of Fame despite some impressive credentials. Art Monk never spoke to the press in his career and some believe that the Hall of Fame committee, made up of members of the press, is getting payback and perhaps sending a not-so-subtle message to other athletes that they either need to speak up or they will be shut out.

Sports Illustrated columnist and Hall of Fame voter Peter King is often labeled as the main opponent to Monk’s enshrinement. Among King’s criticisms have been that Monk wasn’t usually the most feared receiver on his own team, that his yards per catch were not that high, and that a number of players that came along after him were likely to surpass his career totals. However, faced with a constant barrage of “How can you leave Art Monk out of the Hall of Fame?” mail, King recently vowed to step back and approach Monk’s career once again with an open mind. Like Monk, one former Husker also deserves a double-take from Husker fans.

There are lies, damn lies, and statistics they say, but in [Ken] Clark’s case the numbers don’t lie. Like Monk, he is an all-timer who was so consistent he gets taken for granted. Hopefully, things are rectified soon for Monk with the Hall of Fame and that Husker fans can remember the contributions of one of the most consistently productive backs Nebraska ever had.


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