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August 25, 2006

HOF Senior Candidates

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The two senior committee candidates for the Hall of Fame were announced this week.  They are Cleveland Browns guard Gene Hickerson and Detroit Lions tight end Charlie Sanders.

They are not perhaps the biggest names in football, but they were both solid players.  The good news for Art Monk is that neither of them are wide receivers, and neither player will command any huge push that would take attention away from Art Monk’s candidacy.

Senior committee nominees almost always make it, but if for some reason one of these guys doesn’t, that would of course open up a spot for Art.  Dr. Z doesn’t seem to think much of these nominees, but this blog of course doesn’t have that much respect for Mr. Zimmerman’s opinion.

Sports Illustrated
August 25, 2006
More Mailbag
Dr. Z

Lance of Hampton, Va., wants my take on the recent choices for the two Hall of Fame seniors candidates. I lobbied hard for Clark Shaughnessy, the old coach and inventor of the modern T-formation. My second choice was Cliff Harris. Neither one made it, as you know. Gene Hickerson was a good guard but not as good as the Dolphins’ Bob Kuechenberg, who gets stiffed year after year. Charlie Sanders was an effective tight end but not as good as Todd Christensen, who can’t even make it to the finals. And that’s my take.

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