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November 30, 2006

Jim Trotter

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The HOF voting committee will expand to 40 members this year, and the extra voter will be Jim Trotter of the San Diego Union Tribune, where he has covered the Chargers for a decade.

He hasn’t written much about Art Monk, but he graduated from Howard University in 1986, so he must have caught some Redskins games during that time.  Also, a recent interview of Keenan McCardell included some positive words about Monk, so I’ll put him down as a “Maybe Yes.”

San Diego Union-Tribune
October 21, 2004
McCardell blossoms in rain
Jim Trotter

McCardell turned 34 in January, but said he feels as young as some of his less experienced teammates.

“Being around young blood makes you young,” he said. “I’m happy to be around a lot of young guys. I want to show these guys how to be professional. I mean, they know how to be professional, but if I can help out in any kind of way, then that’s part of me. Somebody taught me, so I can pass that to somebody else.”

McCardell, who is with his fifth team in 13 seasons, credited former Redskins standouts Art Monk, Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders for tutoring him after he was a 12th-round pick by Washington in 1991. In many respects, his game borrows from each of them, be it Monk’s ability to separate from defenders, Clark’s tenacity despite lack of size and Sanders’ ability to make big plays.

“I’ve talked to a lot of guys that have played in this league, some very successful guys that played in this league, and we all kind of come with the same thought: You can’t describe yourself as a possession, speed, this that and the other guy,” McCardell said. “You’ve got to describe yourself as a playmaker. That’s the type of guy that I feel that I am. When it’s crunch time and you need a play, who’s going to step up and make the play? I’ve always been that type of guy throughout my career. I think I’m a playmaker.”

A happy playmaker.


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