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August 10, 2007

Dr. Z is swinging…

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Sports Illustrated
August 10, 2007

NFL Mailbag
Dr. Z

The Hall of Fame (I thought we were over that last week) comes surging to the fore, and the name that simply won’t go away, that of Art Monk, has drawn what Andrew described as “triple-figure e-mails.” He has chosen, as the spokesman for this group, Chris of Martinsburg, W. Va., who presents a pretty solid case for this ex-Redskins wideout. Once we get past the usual list of statistics (yawn), we get to the real stuff:

“His team speech about recommitment near the end of the previous season seemed to be a real momentum-builder for the Super Bowl run in 1991. He blocked and never cried about not getting the damn ball. He didn’t have a long term relationship with Montana, Young or Marino. He had at least four QBs while in DC.”

OK, we all know that I have been a Monk negative for many years. My line has been “catching 800 8-yard hooks just doesn’t do it for me.” Maybe it’s time to take a closer look at that rather supercilious observation. Maybe a player who has drawn such a loyal following, year in year out, deserves more serious consideration. And perhaps those Redskin fans aren’t mere nudniks, as I’ve unfortunately come to regard them, but people who might, just might, have a more accurate reading on the situation than I do. I’m not saying that you’re swinging me over completely; it’s just that I’m a lot closer to Monk’s legitimacy as a Hall of Famer than I used to be.

Chris, the chosen spokesman, says, incidentally, that he interned for the Redskins last year at RFK, “and I think I sat next to you at a game. I borrowed one of your pencils without asking and you didn’t yank it out of my hand. You must be a pretty decent guy.”

Well, Chris, you didn’t and I’m not. I wasn’t at RFK last year, and if that would have been me and you swiped one of my pencils without telling me, you’d have gotten one right in the throat and you’d be talking funny right now. You must have mistaken either Tony Kornheiser or Mike Wilbon for me. The only reason I’m forgiving you for something you really didn’t do is your observation, “I’m also married to a flaming redhead and am in the doghouse.” Probably for stealing pencils.


  1. I’m glad to see Mr. Zimmerman is giving this additional consideration. His assertion about “800 8 yard hooks” always struck me wrong. Art Monk’s ypc is what, 13.5? The math doesn’t add up there. Also I personally remember lots of longer catches from Monk. There are way too many to mention, but here is the tip of the iceberg just off the top of my head:
    * In week 15 of the ’83-’84 season Monk broke the Cowboys’ backs in a division-deciding, home field throughout the playoffs-clinching game in Irving with a 40-something yard TD catch down the left sideline.
    * In week 16 of the ’84-’85 season Monk had a couple of 20 yd+ catches, including a 20 yd pickup on 4th and 19 to set up the winning FG against the Cardinals in another division-clinching win. (if the Cards had won, they would have been the division winners)This is the game in which Monk broke the single season catches record.
    * If I’m not mistaken, both of Monk’s TD catches against the Bears in the ’86 playoffs were 20+ yds.
    * Monk had 20+ yd gains in each of his three Super Bowl appearances.
    * Monk had two long touchdown grabs against the Falcons in a 56-17 drubbing of Atlanta in 1991.
    * The Redskins’ only TD against the 49ers in the 1990 playoffs was a 30+ yd Monk catch.
    * In week 2 of the 1991 season Monk had a long TD catch against the Cowboys to the right end zone pylon.
    * There was a Monday night TD catch against Philly one year that was 40-something yards.
    * Monk scored on a 60-something yd catch in another game against the Falcons.
    * On the first play from scrimmage after Theismann’s leg was broken on Monday night, Schroeder went to Monk for something like 41 yards. The Redskins beat the Giants that night.
    * Monk made an acrobatic catch of a tipped ball for a long gain against San Diego in ’86.

    I have to go to dinner now, so I’ll stop there, but there are other long-gainers from Monk’s career in my memory. Why don’t some of you add on here?

    Comment by remember the redskins — August 11, 2007 @ 4:29 pm

  2. Zimmerman is a dolt. He’s an incompetent buffoon who is incapable of making an objective opinion and ,therefore, doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near a position of authority. He admitted to not voting for Irvin last year because he didn’t like the way he performed as a game analyst on ESPN. It’s no wonder he can’t come to grips with the fact that Monk deserves to be in the HOF. Once an idiot always an idiot.

    Back to Monk. The argument that he was the team’s 2nd or 3rd best receiver (see the Woody Paige article) keeps coming up. Name one other “2nd or 3rd” option at WR who is on an “All-Decade” team as recognized by the NFL. Do guys like Keenan McCardell, Ricky Proehl , John Taylor, or Alvin Harper have huge fan bases that rave about their success on the field? Those guys were excellent 2nd and 3rd options, but none have the accolades that Monk has. Before anyone considers Monk a 2nd or 3rd option, take the time to compare his achievements to guys who were obvious 2nd and 3rd options. The truth is in the numbers and in his longevity.

    Another argument that I find extremely frustrating is that Monk didn’t make it to enough Pro-Bowls. Pro-Bowl voting is never accurate. Deserving players get snubbed every year. Consider this…Monk made it to three Pro-Bowls from ’84-’86 and probably deserved to be named to four more in ’81, ’88, ’89, and ’91. In ’81, Monk was passed over for Ahmad Rashad – not a potential HOF’er. In ’88 and ’89, he was passed over for John Taylor. Taylor had 14 catches in ’88 and went to Hawaii to represent his conference! In ’89, Mark Carrier went – not a potential HOF’er. In ’91, Andre Rison went despite having only 976 receiving yards to Monk’s 1100+. Rison is not a HOF candidate. My point is, every year there is someone out there who has a phenomenal year who can displace a very good consistent performer. Having three Pro Bowl appearances is hardly a valid argument against Monk considering some of the receivers who were selected in his place.

    Comment by Deep Singh — August 14, 2007 @ 3:47 pm

  3. Calling the voters names, while it may make us feel better in the short term, does little good for our cause. I absolutely understand the frustration that goes along with this issue. I am very frustrated that a man who I see as a noble, hard-working, talented acheiver, one who embodies the qualities we should be celebrating in public figures, is for some reason falling short of induction. Our job is to reason with the men who are making the decision. Please remember how long some eventual inductees have had to wait before being put into the hall. Patience, determination, and logic should be our approach. Denegrating men who are doing a difficult job is not helpful, no matter how we feel about their opinions or motives. Unrelenting celebration of Art Monk will stand the test of time in lifting him up, whether he ever makes it into the hall or not.

    Comment by remember the redskins — August 22, 2007 @ 11:24 am

  4. The idea that Monk should be downgraded because he caught a lot of “8 yard hooks”(advanced here by Mr. Zimmerman)has been expressed by others saying he was “just a possesion receiver”. These points do not hold water for a couple of reasons.
    First: The possesion receiver has a long tradition in the NFL. Coaches and fans know how important it is to have a guy you can go to on 3rd and 7 to pick up the first down and keep the ball. The phrase “just a possesion receiver” denotes a lack of solid football understanding in the speaker. Monk’s career and stats show him to be possibly the greatest possesion receiver in the league’s history. The best of anything ought to get strong consideration.
    Second: Monk was clearly capable of being a downfield threat. The Redskins used him as a short-to-mid-distance target because A) He was very very good at it. B) He was often playing alongside other receivers who were small in stature, but fast, whose abilities were put to best use for the team by sending them further downfield. Their small frames made the repeated poundings short patterns often win you bad for them. Also, it’s kind of hard for a five foot-something receiver to even perform the sort of “post-up” manuevers Monk often used to get the tough first down. C) By keeping Monk close to the line of scrimmage more often, he was put in position to block on running plays with less fear of tipping off the defense (the same reason Bob Hayes needed to take his hands out of his pants during the Ice Bowl).
    As proof that Monk had the ability to stretch the field, please see my above post, listing several long gains from Monk. Here are some others-
    *Monk caught TD passes of 40 and 21 yards in the divisional playoffs against the Rams in January of ’84
    *Monk had another 21 yard TD catch in the NFC Championship game against the Lions in January of ’92.
    *Monk followed up his 44 yard catch on the first play after Theismann broke his leg with another catch of 50 yards. The Redskins beat the Giants on Monday night due largely to Monk in ’85.
    *In ’92 Monk had a 49 yard TD catch and a 43 yard catch to set up a FG vs. the Raiders.
    *In ’82 Monk had a 27 yard catch against Herman Edwards of the Eagles to set up the game-winning FG in OT.
    *Monk had a brilliant performance against the Lions in ’90, catching a team-record 13 passes, including a 40 yard catch on third and 15 which led to the game-winning FG in OT.
    *Monk had a 26 yard TD catch vs. the Bears in Chicago in ’91.

    Please add more at your leisure!

    Here’s a fun fact: Monk threw the ball twice in his career, completing one pass for 46 yards in ’83.

    Comment by remember the redskins — August 22, 2007 @ 1:23 pm

  5. Nobody else seems to be joining in with more long gains by Monk, so I’ll continue to add on.
    Here is more evidence that Monk was a capable big-play receiver-
    *’82 43 yard catch vs Eagles
    * same game against the Eagles in ’82- a catch and gain of about 25yds
    *’87 48 yard catch vs Giants in NFC Championship game
    *’91 28 yard catch vs Eagles in playoffs
    *’91 40 yard catch vs 49ers in playoffs
    *’92 31 yard catch vs Lions in NFC Championship game
    *’83 reg. season- averaged 19.6 yards per catch against Raiders

    And of course some more against Dallas!
    *’86 35 yard catch
    *’88 41 yard catch
    *’89 40 yard catch
    *’93 At least one catch of over 20 yards

    I’d love to see someone with more computer savvy than myself set up a poll asking which catches of Monk’s were the most memorable.

    Comment by remember the redskins — August 24, 2007 @ 6:38 pm

  6. To Remember the Redskins:

    Please. Are you serious? There is absolutely no justification for “reason” with voters such as Zimmerman who are so self-righteous that they can conjure up absolute falsities (such as the 800-8 yard outs) and hold them against some of the greatest football players ever.

    The voters who continue to vote against Monk do so for one of two reasons: 1. They are ignorant due to lack of exposure or experience with the great plays he made through his career. Or, 2. They are so full of themselves that they find some sort of sick satisfaction out of denying the arguments of Monk’s suppporters.

    The hall’s voters should be humbled by the honor they have bestowed on them. Selecting the players to represent the best of the NFL is a privilege and a unique responsibility that they should respect. Zimmerman does not respect anything or anyone except himself and it is a shame that anyone like him is given such a honorable duty.

    I used to like Zimmerman. I found his articles in SI amusing. The day he wrote and admitted that he didn’t vote for Michael Irvin because he didn’t like the way he presented himself as a game analyst on ESPN was the day I realized that the guy just doesn’t get it. You vote for the player and what the player meant to his team. Zimmerman would rather put his personal biases at the forefront of his criteria for selection and you simply cannot reason with someone like that.

    Comment by Deep Singh — August 28, 2007 @ 11:31 am

  7. My most memorable Monk catch…

    1985 Giants at ‘Skins Monday night

    My dad took me to my first ‘Skins game at RFK. Theismann breaks his leg. Schroeder comes in and on his first play, he finds Monk sprinting by his defender along the sideline…coming straight at me in my endzone seat. Monk hauls in a 40+ yard strike and sets the tone for the remainder of the game that the ‘Skins won 23-21.

    If I remember correctly, he caught a 2nd deep pass within 10 yards of the endzone later in the game. The guy was phenomenal.

    Comment by Deep Singh — August 28, 2007 @ 11:38 am

  8. Oh, and let’s not forget the Monday night game in ’85 when Monk averaged 20 yards a catch, hauling in 10 passes for 200 yards!

    Comment by remember the redskins — September 6, 2007 @ 3:46 pm

  9. Among the myriad of highlights in Art Monk’s career, I remember this …

    In the Super Bowl against Buffalo the Redskins marched downfield early in the game, establishing their offense, mostly on catches by Art Monk. Art then leaped into the air to catch what appeared to be the game’s first touchdown to culminate the drive.

    The refs used instant replay to overturn the call though because Art’s left foot landed on the back line of the end zone.

    But, the replay clearly shows the defender’s hand pressing against Art as he is in the air and I’ve always believed the refs blew the call. The defensive contact is what forced him to come down on the end line, and it should have been ruled touchdown Art Monk, Superbowl!

    Even with the touchdown wrongly negated, Art and the rest of the offense had shown the Bills they came to play and the Redskins went on to dominate and win big.

    Art Monk had a super career … he deservedly belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Comment by George T — September 6, 2007 @ 8:45 pm

  10. In considering Monk vs. Cris Carter, Tim Brown and Andre Reed, it should be noted that Monk’s personal playoff stats are the best of the bunch. His yards per game, catches per game, and yards per catch numbers beat out those of Carter, Brown, and Reed. Carter and Reed have Very Small advantages in TDs per game, while Monk beats out Brown even in this category. Playoff TD numbers are close, even though all of these other guys played in passing-first offenses, while Monk’s Redskins teams were power running teams at heart. If you compare each of these guys’ numbers in NFC/AFC Championship games, Monk sweeps ALL categories, outgaining the next best candidate by nearly 40 YARDS a game!
    Not only this, but Monk and the Redskins faced Much better competition in their playoff games. If you compare these candidates based on the number of Super Bowl winners and losers they played during their post season exploits, you’ll find that Monk and the ‘Skins come out WAY on top.
    Consider these purely anectdotal facts: Carter and the Vikings lost their two NFC Championship game appearances to the Chris Chandler-led Atlanta Falcons and the Kerry Collins-led NY Giants. Monk and the ‘Skins NEVER lost a playoff game to a team that was more than 2 years removed from a Super Bowl championship. I’ve created a statistic to compare the greatness of playoff opponents called the POGQ (playoff opponent greatness quotient) which I will not trouble you with here. Suffice to say, Monk and the ‘Skins win out in that comparison. Not only that, the teams who Monk and the ‘Skins faced in the playoffs actually had a higher regular season winning percentage than those faced by Carter, Brown or Reed.

    So Monk put up better personal playoff numbers, while his team was winning a higher percentage of their playoff games, against stronger playoff competition, and bringing home Super Bowl rings.
    All those pro bowls these other guys went to must look pretty insignificant.

    I have prepared a powerpoint presentation on this subject. If the person running this site would like a copy, please e-mail me and let me know where I can send it as an attachment.

    Comment by remember the redskins — September 28, 2007 @ 9:57 am

  11. In 1986 vs. the Chargers, Monk helped lead a second half comeback with catches of 38, 40, and 58 yards.

    Comment by remember the redskins — October 4, 2007 @ 7:34 pm

  12. Here are some more long Monk catches:

    *week 16 vs. St Louis 1980
    54 yd TD

    *week 3 vs. St Louis 1981
    79 yd TD

    *week 9 vs. St Louis 1981
    38 yd TD

    *week 13 vs. Buffalo 1981
    25 yd TD

    *week 6 vs. Indianapolis 1984
    48 yd TD

    *week 16 vs. St Louis 1984
    23 yd TD

    *week 5 vs. Philadelphia 1984
    51 yd TD

    *week 9 vs. Atlanta 1985
    34 yd TD

    *week 15 vs. Denver 1986
    55 yd TD

    *week 9 vs. Minnesota 1986
    34 yd TD

    *week 1 vs. Philadelphia 1987
    39 yd TD

    *week 7 vs. Phoenix 1988
    46 yd TD

    *week 2 vs. Philadelphia 1989
    43 yd TD

    *week 15 vs. Atlanta 1989
    34 yd TD & 60 yd TD

    *week 2 vs. San Francisco 1990
    35 yd TD

    *week 6 vs. Chicago 1991
    26 yd TD

    *week 14 vs. NY Giants 1992
    42 yd TD

    All of the above examples of long-gainers by Monk go towards proving that he was not exclusively a small-play first down machine. he was more than capable of being a big-play game-changer.

    Comment by remember the redskins — October 9, 2007 @ 2:24 am

  13. Okay, here’s another list I’ve compiled. I don’t have perfect data, so if anyone has more complete information or remembers a catch that I’m not listing here, please post here and let us all know.
    So here we go…


    1) wk 10 v. Chicago Bears
    40 yard catch
    2) wk 13 v. Atlanta Falcons
    41 yard catch
    3) wk 16 v. St. Louis Cardinals
    54 yard TD
    4) wk 3 v. St. Louis Cardinals
    79 yard TD
    5) wk 9 v. St. Louis Cardinals
    38 yard TD
    6) wk 13 v. Buffalo Bills
    25 yard TD
    7) wk 16 v. Los Angeles Rams
    64 yard catch
    8) 34 yard catch
    9) wk 1 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    43 yard catch
    10) 28 yard catch
    11) 27 yard catch (vs. Herman Edwards to set up game-winning FG in OT)
    12)wk 9 v. San Diego Chargers
    25 yard catch (acrobatic twisting catch of ball thrown well behind him followed by being hit by defender)
    13)wk 12 v. Los Angeles Rams
    46 yard pass completion (one of only two passes thrown in career)
    14)wk 15 v. Dallas Cowboys
    43 yard TD (division and top seed-deciding showdown, this TD followed by ruckus in end zone as Cowboys attempted to stop “Fun Bunch” celebration)
    15) Divisional round of Playoffs v. Los Angeles Rams
    40 yard TD
    16) 21 yard TD
    17)wk 5 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    51 yard TD
    18)wk 6 v. Indianapolis Colts
    48 yard TD
    19)wk 15 v. Dallas Cowboys
    18 yard rush (on reverse on scoring drive)
    20)wk 16 v. St. Louis Cardinals
    23 yard TD
    21) 36 yard catch (breaks single-season catches record with this catch)
    22) 20 yard catch (on 3rd and 19, sets up game-winning FG in showdown for division title)
    23)wk 9 v. Atlanta Falcons
    34 yard TD
    24)wk 11 v. NY Giants
    44 yard catch (on 1st play from scrimmage after Theismann’s broken leg on Monday Night Football)
    25) 50 yard catch
    26)wk 15 v. Cincinnati Bengals
    4 yard TD (part of 17-point comeback and 230-yard day for Monk)
    27)wk 3 v. San Diego Chargers
    38 yard catch (deep tipped ball)
    28) 40 yard catch
    29) 58 yard catch (part of 11-point comeback and 195 total yards day for Monk)
    30)wk 4 v. Seattle Seahawks
    69 yard catch
    31)wk 9 v. Minnesota Vikings
    35 yard catch
    32) 34 yard TD (part of OT thriller)
    33)wk 12 v. Dallas Cowboys
    35 yard catch
    34)wk 15 v. Denver Broncos
    55 yard TD
    35) Divisional round of Playoffs v. Chicago Bears
    28 yard TD (victimized “46″ blitz)
    36) 23 yard TD (eventual game-winning score against CB who had only given up one TD all year)
    37) NFC Championship Game v. NY Giants
    48 yard catch
    38)wk 1 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    39 yard TD
    39) Super Bowl XXII v. Denver Broncos
    40 yard catch (1st completion by Doug Williams in game; came on 3rd and 16; Monk’s first game action since mid-season injury)
    40)wk 7 v. Phoenix Cardinals
    46 yard TD
    41)wk 15 v. Dallas Cowboys
    41 yard catch
    42)wk 2 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    43 yard TD
    43)wk 3 v. Dallas Cowboys
    40 yard catch
    44)wk 12 v. Chicago Bears
    18 yard TD (part of 152 yard 2 TD day for Monk)
    45)wk 15 v. Atlanta Falcons
    34 yard TD
    46) 60 yard TD
    47)wk 2 v. San Francisco 49ers
    35 yard TD
    48)wk 7 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    44 yard catch
    49)wk 9 v. Detroit Lions
    40 yard catch (on 3rd and 15 in OT on game-winning drive; 13-catch 168 yard day for Monk)
    50) Wild Card Playoff Game v. Philadelphia Eagles
    28 yard catch
    51) 16 yard TD (eventual game-winning score)
    52) Divisional Round Playoff Game v. San Francisco 49ers
    31 yard TD
    53) 40 yard catch
    54)wk 2 v. Dallas Cowboys
    37 yard TD (Monday Night Football)
    55)wk 4 v. Cincinnati Bengals
    54 yard catch
    56) 30 yard catch
    57)wk 5 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    19 yard TD
    58)wk 6 v. Chicago Bears
    26 yard TD
    59)wk 7 v. Cleveland Browns
    14 yard TD (diving catch; passed Charlie Joiner for 2nd on career receptions list with this catch)
    60)wk 11 v. Atlanta Falcons
    32 yard catch
    61) 19 yard TD
    62) 64 yard TD
    63)wk 12 v. Pittsburgh Steelers
    63 yard catch
    64) 11 yard TD (barely got both sets of toes in bounds)
    65) NFC Championship Game v. Detroit Lions
    31 yard catch
    66) 21 yard TD
    67) Super Bowl XXVI v. Buffalo Bills
    12 yard catch
    68) 17 yard catch
    69) 19 yard catch (on 3rd and 14)
    70) 31 yard catch
    71) 17 yard catch (Monk had 7 catches for 113 yards)
    72)wk 6 v. Denver Broncos (Monday Night Football)
    18 yard catch (tied Steve Largent for most career receptions)
    73) 10 yard catch (broke record for most career catches)
    74)wk 14 v. NY Giants
    42 yard TD
    75)wk 17 v. Los Angeles Raiders
    49 yard TD
    76) 43 yard catch
    77)wk 1 v. Dallas Cowboys (Monday Night Football)
    28 yard catch
    78) 15 yard TD
    79)wk 13 v. Miami Dolphins
    69 yard catch
    80)wk 15 v. Detroit Lions
    5 yard catch (set record for most consecutive games with a catch)
    81)wk 17 v. Chicago Bears
    36 yard catch (broke arm on play; last catch of career)

    I remembered most of these before I looked them up for the details. I remembered most of the rest of them once I’d been reminded about them.
    You’ll notice how many of them are not 8-yard outs. This list stands as partial proof that Monk was fully capable of stretching the field. Should Gibbs really have sent smurfs like Alvin Garrett, Virgil Seay, and Ricky Sanders over the middle on those short routes where they would get pounded? If you say yes, you’re just mean.

    Comment by remember the redskins — October 18, 2007 @ 5:49 pm

  14. Visit for the latest in Dallas Cowboys discussion from the fans!

    Comment by dan — November 11, 2007 @ 11:02 am

  15. hey Dan, tell your boy T.O. that he’s not even CLOSE to being the “original” #81.
    Most of the visitors to this site will tell you that the #81 that jumps to their mind is a guy who has actual class. A guy who has three super bowl rings to T.O.’s zero. A guy who has held league records(no, not for most dropped passes!)
    That’s right,
    ART MONK wore 81!
    …and he was wearing it when he entered the league in um…1980.
    Maybe my math’s bad, but I think that was a little before T.O.’s time.
    Look, somebody older than me could probably point out a really desrving guy who wore 81 before Monk did. That’s fine. I’m not claiming that Monk should be known as “the original #81”. I’m just saying that it’s DEFINITELY NOT T.O.
    Nice try, dude. Learn a little about the game.

    Comment by remember the redskins — November 13, 2007 @ 1:49 pm

  16. OK, so if you’ve got the patience, here’s a much more definitive list of great catches and plays by Monk. Ithink this one comes to 200!

    1)wk 4 v Seahawks
    45 yard catch
    2)wk 5 v Eagles
    48 yard catch
    3)wk 6 v Broncos
    1 yard TD (1st of Monk’s career)
    4)wk 7 v Cardinals
    29 yard catch
    5)wk 8 v Saints
    28 yard catch
    6)wk 10 v Bears
    40 yard catch (Game: 124 yds)
    7)wk 13 v Falcons
    41 yard catch
    8)wk 16 v Cardinals
    54 yard TD

    9)wk 2 v Giants
    25 yard catch
    10)wk 3 v Cardinals
    79 yard TD (Game: 128 yds 1 TD)
    11)wk 5 v Bears
    19 yard catch (Gibbs’ 1st win)
    12)wk 7 v Dolphins
    28 yard catch
    13)wk 8 v Patriots
    34 yard catch
    14)wk 9 v Cardinals
    38 yard TD
    15)wk 10 v Lions
    30 yard catch
    16)wk 13 v Bills
    25 yard TD
    17)wk 15 v Colts
    36 yard catch (148 yds 1 TD)
    18)wk 16 v Rams
    64 yard catch
    19)34 yard catch

    20)wk 1 v Eagles(Game:134yds 1TD)
    43 yard catch
    21)28 yard catch
    22)27 yard catch (set up GW FG)
    23)wk 3 v Giants
    14 yard run
    24)wk 5 v Cowboys(Game: 100yds)
    25 yard catch
    25)wk 8 v Saints
    36 yard catch

    26)wk 5 v Raiders
    23 yard catch
    27)wk 6 v Cardinals
    20 yard TD
    28)wk 7 v Packers(Game: 105yds)
    34 yard catch
    29)wk 9 v Chargers(Game: 106yds)
    25 yard catch(acrobatic, twisting catch, ball thrown behind him)
    30)wk 10 v Cardinals
    30 yard catch
    31)wk 12 v Rams
    46 yard pass to C. Brown(only pass completion of career)
    32)39 yard catch
    33)wk 15 v Cowboys(Game:119yds 1TD)
    23 yard catch
    34)43 yard TD(followed by scuffle in end zone surrounding “Fun Bunch” celebration)
    35)22 yard catch (div. clinching win)
    36)wk 16 v Giants
    34 yard catch
    37)Divisional Playoff v Rams
    40 yard TD
    38)21 yard TD
    39)NFC Champ v 49ers
    11 yard catch(on 3rd & 8, during GW drive)
    40)Super Bowl XVIII
    26 yard catch

    41)wk 1 v Dolphins
    24 yard catch
    42)wk 2 v 49ers(Game: 200yds)
    29 yard catch
    43)14 yard catch (on 4th & 4)
    44)32 yard catch
    45)wk 5 v Eagles
    51 yard TD
    46)wk 6 v Colts(Game:141yds 3TDs)
    25 yard catch
    47)48 yard TD
    48)wk 7 v Cowboys
    35 yard catch
    49)wk 8 v Cardinals
    25 yard catch
    50)wk 9 v Giants(Game:104 yds)
    72 yard catch
    51)wk 15 v Cowboys
    30 yard catch
    52)18 yard run(on GW drive)
    53)wk 16 v Cardinals(Game:136yds 2TDS)
    23 yard TD
    54)36 yard catch(sets single-season receptions record)
    55)20 yard catch(on 3rd & 19, sets up GW, div-clinching FG)
    56)Divisional playoff v Bears(Game:122yds)
    35 yard catch

    57)wk 2 v Oilers
    16 yard run
    58)16 yard run
    59)wk 3 v Eagles
    25 yard catch
    60)wk 6 v Lions
    31 yard catch
    61)wk 9 v Falcons(Game:106yds 1TD)
    34 yard TD
    62)wk 10 v Cowboys(Game:103yds)
    44 yard catch
    63)wk 11 v Giants(Game:130 yds)
    44 yard catch(1st play from scrimmage after Theismann’s broken leg)
    64)50 yard catch
    65)wk 12 v Steelers
    22 yard catch
    66)wk 13 v 49ers(Game:150yds)
    53 yard catch
    67)wk 14 v Eagles(Game:109yds)
    39 yard catch
    68)wk 15 v Bengals(Game:230yds 1TD)
    48 yard catch
    69)48 yard catch
    70)40 yard catch

    71)wk 3 v Chargers(Game:195 total yds)
    21 yard run
    72)38 yard catch
    73)40 yard catch
    74)58 yard catch
    75)wk 4 v Seahawks(Game:103yds)
    69 yard catch
    76)wk 5 v Saints
    20 yard catch
    77)wk 7 v Cardinals
    33 yard catch
    78)wk 8 v Giants
    47 yard catch
    79)wk 9 v Vikings(Game:102yds 1TD)
    39 yard catch
    80)34 yard TD
    81)wk 12 v Cowboys
    35 yard catch
    82)wk 15 v Broncos(Game:129yds 1TD)
    55 yard TD
    83)wk 16 v Eagles
    21 yard catch
    84)Wild Card v Rams
    11 yard catch (on 3rd & 8)
    85)Divisional Playoff v Bears
    28 yard TD
    86)23 yard TD
    87)NFC Champ v Giants(Game:126yds)
    48 yard catch
    88)33 yard catch

    89)wk 1 v Eagles
    39 yard TD
    90)wk 6 v Jets
    57 yard catch
    91)wk 7 v Bills
    16 yard run
    92)26 yard run
    93)wk 9 v Lions
    20 yard catch
    94)wk 10 v Rams
    62 yard catch
    95)wk 11 v Giants
    28 yard catch
    96)Super Bowl XXII v Broncos
    40 yard catch(on 3rd & 16 from the Redskins own 10, 1st WR to catch a pass)

    97)wk 1 v Giants
    28 yard catch
    98)wk 2 v Steelers
    26 yard catch
    99)wk 3 v Eagles
    27 yard catch
    100)wk 4 v Cardinals
    26 yard catch
    101)23 yard TD
    102)wk 5 v Giants
    38 yard catch
    103)wk 6 v Cowboys
    21 yard catch
    104)wk 7 v Cardinals
    17 yard run
    105)19 yard TD
    106)46 yard TD
    107)wk 8 v Packers
    21 yard TD
    108)wk 9 v Oilers
    25 yard catch
    109)wk 10 v Saints
    46 yard catch
    110)wk 11 v Bears
    40 yard catch
    111)wk 12 v 49ers
    18 yard TD
    112)wk 13 v Browns
    21 yard catch
    23 yard run
    113)wk 15 v Cowboys(Game:103yds)
    44 yard catch

    114)wk 2 v Eagles
    43 yard TD
    115)wk 3 v Cowboys(Game:114yds)
    40 yard catch
    116)wk 4 v Saints
    55 yard catch
    117)wk 5 v Cardinals(102yds 1TD)
    39 yard catch
    118)12 yard TD
    119)wk 7 v Buccaneers
    24 yard catch
    120)14 yard run
    121)wk 9 v Cowboys
    22 yard catch
    122)wk 12 v Bears(Game:152yds 2TDs)
    26 yard catch
    123)18 yard TD
    124)42 yard catch
    125)wk 14 v Chargers
    15 yard catch(passes C. Taylor on all-time receptions list)
    126)wk 15 v Falcons(Game:131yds 2TDs)
    34 yard TD
    127)60 yard TD
    128)wk 16 v Seahawks
    32 yard catch

    129)wk 2 v 49ers
    35 yard TD
    130)wk 4 v Cardinals
    26 yard run
    131)wk 6 v Giants
    34 yard catch
    132)wk 7 v Eagles
    44 yard catch
    133)wk 9 v Lions(Game:168 yds)
    27 yard catch
    134)16 yard catch(toe-tapping sideline catch)
    135)40 yard catch(on 3rd & 15 in OT, during GW drive)
    136)wk 11 v Saints
    14 yard catch(career catch #700)
    137)wk 13 v Dolphins(Game:92yds 2TDs; Monk called out an under-acheiving ‘Skins team during the preceding week, teammates credit Monk with the team’s success over the following year & 1/2)
    12 yard run
    138)6 yard TD
    139)7 yard TD
    140)wk 17 v Bills
    25 yard catch
    141)Wild Card v Eagles
    28 yard catch
    142)16 yard TD
    143)Divisional Playoff v 49ers(Game:163yds 1TD)
    31 yard TD
    144)40 yard catch

    145)wk 1 v Lions
    14 yard run
    146)wk 2 v Cowboys
    37 yard TD
    147)wk 4 v Bengals
    54 yard catch
    148)30 yard catch
    149)wk 5 v Eagles
    19 yard TD
    150)wk 6 v Bears
    26 yard TD
    151)wk 7 v Browns(Game:106yds 1TD)
    14 yard TD(passes C. Joiner on all-time receptions list)
    152)46 yard catch
    153)wk 9 v Giants
    20 yard catch (on 3rd & 9)
    154)wk 10 v Oilers
    18 yard catch
    155)wk 11 v Falcons(Game:164yds 2TDs)
    32 yard catch
    156)19 yard TD
    157)64 yard TD
    158)wk 12 v Steelers(Game:130yds 1TD)
    63 yard catch
    159)11 yard TD
    160)22 yard catch(on 3rd & 15)
    161)wk 14 v Rams
    22 yard catch
    162)wk 15 v Cardinals
    30 yard catch
    163)wk 16 v Giants
    37 yard catch
    164)Divisional Playoff v Falcons
    18 yard catch
    165)NFC Champ v Lions
    31 yard catch
    166)21 yard TD
    167)Super Bowl XXVI v Bills(Game:113yds)
    12 yard catch
    168)17 yard catch
    169)19 yard catch(on 3rd & 14)
    170)31 yard catch
    171)17 yard catch

    172)wk 1 v Cowboys
    28 yard catch
    173)wk 5 v Cardinals
    23 yard catch
    174)wk 6 v Broncos
    18 yard catch(ties S. Largent for most career receptions)
    175)10 yard catch(Monk breaks Largent’s record)
    176)wk 7 v Eagles
    34 yard catch
    177)26 yard catch
    178)wk 8 v Vikings
    20 yard catch
    179)wk 14 v Giants
    42 yard TD
    180)wk 17 v Raiders
    16 yard run
    181)49 yard TD
    182)43 yard catch
    183)Wild Card v Vikings
    15 yard catch(on 3rd & 10 to Vikings’ 3 yard line)
    184)Divisional Playoff v 49ers
    37 yard catch

    185)wk 1 v Cowboys
    28 yard catch
    186)15 yard TD
    187)wk 2 v Cardinals
    20 yard catch
    188)wk 9 v Bills
    20 yard catch
    189)wk 13 v Eagles
    6 yard TD

    190)wk 2 v Broncos
    24 yard catch
    191)wk 3 v Dolphins
    24 yard catch
    192)wk 6 v Colts
    23 yard catch
    193)wk 9 v Colts
    22 yard TD
    194)wk 10 v Bills
    28 yard catch
    195)wk 13 v Dolphins(Game:108yds)
    69 yard catch
    196)wk 14 v Patriots
    29 yard catch
    197)wk 15 v Lions
    5 yard catch(sets record for most consecutive games with a catch)
    198)wk 16 v Chargers
    20 yard catch

    199)wk 16 v Cardinals
    30 yard catch
    200)wk 17 v Bears
    36 yard catch(broke arm on play; last catch of career)

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