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October 12, 2007

This Day in NFL History

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October 12, 2007
This Day in NFL History

October 12

1992 — Washington wide receiver Art Monk becomes the NFL’s all-time leading receiver when he makes his 820th career reception in a 34-3 victory over the Broncos.

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  1. Okay, here’s another list I’ve compiled. I don’t have perfect data, so if anyone has more complete information or remembers a catch that I’m not listing here, please post here and let us all know.
    So here we go…


    1) wk 10 v. Chicago Bears
    40 yard catch
    2) wk 13 v. Atlanta Falcons
    41 yard catch
    3) wk 16 v. St. Louis Cardinals
    54 yard TD
    4) wk 3 v. St. Louis Cardinals
    79 yard TD
    5) wk 9 v. St. Louis Cardinals
    38 yard TD
    6) wk 13 v. Buffalo Bills
    25 yard TD
    7) wk 16 v. Los Angeles Rams
    64 yard catch
    8) 34 yard catch
    9) wk 1 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    43 yard catch
    10) 28 yard catch
    11) 27 yard catch (vs. Herman Edwards to set up game-winning FG in OT)
    12)wk 9 v. San Diego Chargers
    25 yard catch (acrobatic twisting catch of ball thrown well behind him followed by being hit by defender)
    13)wk 12 v. Los Angeles Rams
    46 yard pass completion (one of only two passes thrown in career)
    14)wk 15 v. Dallas Cowboys
    43 yard TD (division and top seed-deciding showdown, this TD followed by ruckus in end zone as Cowboys attempted to stop “Fun Bunch” celebration)
    15) Divisional round of Playoffs v. Los Angeles Rams
    40 yard TD
    16) 21 yard TD
    17)wk 5 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    51 yard TD
    18)wk 6 v. Indianapolis Colts
    48 yard TD
    19)wk 15 v. Dallas Cowboys
    18 yard rush (on reverse on scoring drive)
    20)wk 16 v. St. Louis Cardinals
    23 yard TD
    21) 36 yard catch (breaks single-season catches record with this catch)
    22) 20 yard catch (on 3rd and 19, sets up game-winning FG in showdown for division title)
    23)wk 9 v. Atlanta Falcons
    34 yard TD
    24)wk 11 v. NY Giants
    44 yard catch (on 1st play from scrimmage after Theismann’s broken leg on Monday Night Football)
    25) 50 yard catch
    26)wk 15 v. Cincinnati Bengals
    4 yard TD (part of 17-point comeback and 230-yard day for Monk)
    27)wk 3 v. San Diego Chargers
    38 yard catch (deep tipped ball)
    28) 40 yard catch
    29) 58 yard catch (part of 11-point comeback and 195 total yards day for Monk)
    30)wk 4 v. Seattle Seahawks
    69 yard catch
    31)wk 9 v. Minnesota Vikings
    35 yard catch
    32) 34 yard TD (part of OT thriller)
    33)wk 12 v. Dallas Cowboys
    35 yard catch
    34)wk 15 v. Denver Broncos
    55 yard TD
    35) Divisional round of Playoffs v. Chicago Bears
    28 yard TD (victimized “46″ blitz)
    36) 23 yard TD (eventual game-winning score against CB who had only given up one TD all year)
    37) NFC Championship Game v. NY Giants
    48 yard catch
    38)wk 1 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    39 yard TD
    39) Super Bowl XXII v. Denver Broncos
    40 yard catch (1st completion by Doug Williams in game; came on 3rd and 16; Monk’s first game action since mid-season injury)
    40)wk 7 v. Phoenix Cardinals
    46 yard TD
    41)wk 15 v. Dallas Cowboys
    41 yard catch
    42)wk 2 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    43 yard TD
    43)wk 3 v. Dallas Cowboys
    40 yard catch
    44)wk 12 v. Chicago Bears
    18 yard TD (part of 152 yard 2 TD day for Monk)
    45)wk 15 v. Atlanta Falcons
    34 yard TD
    46) 60 yard TD
    47)wk 2 v. San Francisco 49ers
    35 yard TD
    48)wk 7 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    44 yard catch
    49)wk 9 v. Detroit Lions
    40 yard catch (on 3rd and 15 in OT on game-winning drive; 13-catch 168 yard day for Monk)
    50) Wild Card Playoff Game v. Philadelphia Eagles
    28 yard catch
    51) 16 yard TD (eventual game-winning score)
    52) Divisional Round Playoff Game v. San Francisco 49ers
    31 yard TD
    53) 40 yard catch
    54)wk 2 v. Dallas Cowboys
    37 yard TD (Monday Night Football)
    55)wk 4 v. Cincinnati Bengals
    54 yard catch
    56) 30 yard catch
    57)wk 5 v. Philadelphia Eagles
    19 yard TD
    58)wk 6 v. Chicago Bears
    26 yard TD
    59)wk 7 v. Cleveland Browns
    14 yard TD (diving catch; passed Charlie Joiner for 2nd on career receptions list with this catch)
    60)wk 11 v. Atlanta Falcons
    32 yard catch
    61) 19 yard TD
    62) 64 yard TD
    63)wk 12 v. Pittsburgh Steelers
    63 yard catch
    64) 11 yard TD (barely got both sets of toes in bounds)
    65) NFC Championship Game v. Detroit Lions
    31 yard catch
    66) 21 yard TD
    67) Super Bowl XXVI v. Buffalo Bills
    12 yard catch
    68) 17 yard catch
    69) 19 yard catch (on 3rd and 14)
    70) 31 yard catch
    71) 17 yard catch (Monk had 7 catches for 113 yards)
    72)wk 6 v. Denver Broncos (Monday Night Football)
    18 yard catch (tied Steve Largent for most career receptions)
    73) 10 yard catch (broke record for most career catches)
    74)wk 14 v. NY Giants
    42 yard TD
    75)wk 17 v. Los Angeles Raiders
    49 yard TD
    76) 43 yard catch
    77)wk 1 v. Dallas Cowboys (Monday Night Football)
    28 yard catch
    78) 15 yard TD
    79)wk 13 v. Miami Dolphins
    69 yard catch
    80)wk 15 v. Detroit Lions
    5 yard catch (set record for most consecutive games with a catch)
    81)wk 17 v. Chicago Bears
    36 yard catch (broke arm on play; last catch of career)

    I remembered most of these before I looked them up for the details. I remembered most of the rest of them once I’d been reminded about them.
    You’ll notice how many of them are not 8-yard outs. This list stands as partial proof that Monk was fully capable of stretching the field. Should Gibbs really have sent smurfs like Alvin Garrett, Virgil Seay, and Ricky Sanders over the middle on those short routes where they would get pounded? If you say yes, you’re just mean.

    Comment by remember the redskins — October 18, 2007 @ 5:43 pm

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