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October 20, 2007

Gosselin and Dr. Z answer questions about Monk

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October 17, 2007

NFL chat: Giant hurdle remains for Cowboys
Rick Gosselin

From e-mail: In your recent From the 50, you wrote how Shannon Sharpe might no longer be a lock for the Hall of Fame because by the time he’s eligible, his stats won’t look as impressive when compared to other TEs (like Tony Gonzalez, etc.). I think that’s unfair because you shouldn’t compare stats from different eras. A player should be judged statistically based on the era he played in. And Art Monk should be in the HOF. Period.


Rick Gosselin: That’s your opinion on Monk, and it’s not shared by the voters. Seven times he’s been a finalist and seven times he has missed the cut. With the explosion of statistics on offense, I think the voters are taking a longer, harder look at the stats and trying to determine if the player was all about numbers or impact. That’s why it’s been so hard for wide outs to get in lately. If the Buffalo Bills had won one Super Bowl, I think Andre Reed would have been in by now. And this committee has only voted to enshrine seven tight ends in the game’s history. In the end, I think Sharpe gets in. The Broncos are underrepresented as it is. They’ve been to six Super Bowls in their history and have just one player enshrined (John Elway). When they get a quality candidate, he should get in. Sharpe is a quality candidate.

Sports Illustrated
October 18, 2007

NFL Mailbag
Dr. Z

Frank of Bel Air, Md. — “I’m not an old fogy and I want those lineups, too. Now, if we could just get you to come around on Art Monk for the Hall of Fame, you’d be 100 percent.”

Take heart. I’m softening my position on Art.

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