The Art Monk Hall of Fame Campaign

February 5, 2006


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Today Russ Grimm won Super Bowl XL as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers coaching staff.  Yesterday, Grimm and Monk, two stalwarts of the 4 Redskins Super Bowl appearances, were denied entry into the Hall of Fame.

Next year may be Art Monk’s best chance.  I’m starting this blog today to compile information to build his case.  We have one year to make this happen.  I am focusing on Art Monk because there is much more information out there about his accomplishments, but I will also try to give due consideration to Russ Grimm.

This blog will not contain any long eloquent essays about why Art Monk should be in the Hall of Fame; at least not until the voting process is underway several months from now.  I will focus on quoting from writers and especially Hall of Fame voters, and I will borrow from the work of many others.  This first post will simply acknowledge all those that came before me: thread tracking the Hall of Fame voters thread explaining why 2007 is the best chance for Art Monk and Russ Grimm thread discussing Art Monk vs. Michael Irvin for the HOF

That is a brief summary of what’s out there.  I will be trying to add more historical information to the debate.  More details will come in the next post.

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