The Art Monk Hall of Fame Campaign

Changing the Process

The repeated snubbing of Art Monk has led many to question the voting process.  It encourages the voters to play politics, it creates logjams among teams and positions, and it creates tremendous anger from football fans.  The rest of this site is dedicated to working within the process to get Monk elected, but we must also consider the fact that the process itself has flaws.

I can see two changes that could be made:


The Hall of Fame vote is currently secretive, although many voters freely disclose their own votes, as demonstrated on this site.  Making the votes public would not change the process significantly, but it would give fans more insight into the process and would help them to understand the difficult decisions that voters face.  It would let players know how close they are when they get snubbed year after year.  If the voters feel that confidentiality is necessary to allow them to cast their votes honestly, they could still keep the final vote secret, where each candidate must receiver 80%.  There is no reason to keep the other parts of the process so secretive, and it only makes things more difficult for the candidates and the fans.

Expand the Voting Committee

A lot of power is placed in the hands of a very small group of people on the voting committee.  It is surprising that a sport with such large rosters has such a small pool of voters for its hall of fame.  The voting could be expanded to simply include more writers or the Hall of Famers could be given a vote.  The process could even incorporate a fan vote that counts as a fraction of the outcome.  Putting hte responsibility on a larger group of people would discourage political vote trading and would increase public fiath in the process.


  1. If Art Monk is not the prototype of a Hall of Fame Receiver, I do not know who is. The Hall should be ashamed if this great man is not elected. He played the game with integrity (Mostly from Wikipedia from here…) and was the first to eclipse 900 receptions, as well as retiring with the single season receptions record (106) and the most consecutive games with a catch (183). Art Monk has been passed over several times for entry into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, including 2007, when Michael Irvin was the only wide receiver inducted. He is ranked fifth for all-time receiving (receptions) on the NFL Hall of Fame top 20 list, 8 places above Michael Irvin.

    Monk helped found The Good Samaritan Foundation [2] with his Washington teammates Charles Mann, Tim Johnson and Earnest Byner. Monk also lends his name to a youth/high school football camp.


    Finally, somebody please, give this man his due.


    Comment by Kevin Grazul — April 13, 2007 @ 11:37 pm

  2. Seeing Monk getting into Hall will be like when I received the privledge to see my Colts win the superbowl.It would be an equal pleasure.

    Comment by robert bailey — August 7, 2007 @ 9:41 pm

  3. The suggestion which has been made on many other ocassions is to allow all of the inductees have a vote.
    I’m not sure if I think that ex-players will be any more or less biased than the sports writers who are currently voting. This might contribute towards the rich getting richer, with players from franchises that already have a lot of inductees receiving these extra votes at election time.
    Also, not meaning to step on any very big toes, but last I heard, in order to write for a major metropolitan newspaper, you have to have a university degree. The same cannot be said for being an NFL player. Anybody remember our own beloved Dexter Manley?

    Comment by remember the redskins — July 1, 2008 @ 5:19 pm

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